Fede Bozo

Hola, I'm Fede

Designer, yes. Developer, sort-of yes. Storyteller, tell me if you make it to the end.

Design has been my way to help express interesting ideas. But I also graduated from it.

I've helped Calcanet sell domains, others to sell cars, dog food, human food, downloadable mobile pictures (back in the WAP era), horse racing news and tips, and one of my favorites GoDark Chocolate, a premium chocolate brand.

Built some cool stuff for OpenEnglish for student testing and payments, a tele-medicine app for the Miami Children's Hospital, airline tickets bookings, and lately a telecom billing platform at QuotingBill that you should check out.

I'm continuously learning new ways to bring ideas to life (corny, I know) and have experience with different methodologies and technologies, Shape up (from the ShapeUp book) has been my best experience so far in delivering relevant products that matter.

I ask a lot, write notes and love teaming up with devs, business and everyone I can to get the best results.

I'm a musician so in my spare time I bang some tunes to enjoy life.
Enough for of me now. I'm curious about you, so shoot me a message so we can start talking.